Genealogy & Family Trees

For many of us, comprehending our family’s rich and diverse history may not be the easiest task at hand. Many extended families are marked by numerous divorces and separations, the conjoining of several lineages and even adoption. While figuring out one’s family tree may look intimidating, genealogy services are a reputable source in untangling even the most complex family background.

A genealogy service allows inquisitive individuals to enter their family names and scour through results in the family tree database. While every service is unique in its search mechanisms, one popular genealogy service reported by is Ancestry gives users access to fun facts like the meaning of surnames and international record collections for paying members.

Say you’re a “Smith” and you feel like the quest for your true family background may be worthless because of the prevalence of your last name. One genealogy service, One Great Family, allows members to utilize special family tree software and link their lineage with global ancestry links. That way, you’ll be able to browse through existing records and have your family tree updated automatically for you.

There is no feeling quite like knowing where you came from and discovering a hidden family secret, such that you’re related to Abraham Lincoln or Marilyn Monroe somewhere down the line. While relying on Uncle Barry’s word that you’re delineated from royalty may be trustful on your part, a genealogy and family tree service can truly divide fact from fiction.

Kelly Liyakasa is staff writer for Kelly S

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Why Everyone Should Have a Genealogy Family Tree

When you look back to your childhood it makes you realise that the way we live and the world itself is so different to the way it once was. There is a way that you can preserve the history of your own family and why you are here today and that is to get a genealogy family tree. I would like to tell you about the most common way that they are now created so that you can benefit as other people have before you.

Using a computer is the best way for many because you are given a lot more options giving you safety, efficiency and also keeping all the information in one place rather than in papers that could get damaged quite easily with a fire, flood or lost if you move house.

To make sure hard drives or other storage facilities do not lose the information should they break due to time or malfunction of equipment you can store online. In addition to the benefit I have told you about you can password the storage so that where ever you are you have instant access anywhere with internet?

If you think it is time consuming and you are worried that others cannot read your handwriting think again because you will be typing and copying all you need and you don’t have to even design the layout just choose from the many templates available and adapt them to your needs to add as little or as much as you wish. Looking into your ancestors history could show you that you have royal blood or are even related to someone who is in the public eye.

You would be surprised at what you are able to store and reference and how easy it is to do so. Any pictures you have may wear over time but to make sure you have a copy in the best condition scan and keep it with your tree. At any point you can print off the information and pictures in black and white or in colour so that you can give copies to other people in your family who may like one and should their be any damage to the original you always have a back up so all is not lost.

If you think you may have other family that may not know about you then posting the tree online will mean they can also get in touch with you or add some history that you don’t know about. You never know who you could have a shared bloodline with and could find that people you regularly walk by in the street are actually related to you.

This is a great way to make sure everyone puts their piece into the historical family line that you are creating thus letting people who are in the future know that they came from a line of interesting people. Working in the coal mines was once seen as commonplace but as their are very few now open it is becoming more of a novelty to have someone in your family who once did. Imagine even the jobs that seem mundane to you being a big talking piece to others in many years to come.

Such an excellent way to keep your memories safe with the option of sharing with and beyond your family is the reason why people are choosing this method over others. Don’t lose the stories that excited you as a child or the days that you wish you could live forever. Make them once again part of your present and the future of your descendants.

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